Winter Vegetable Garden Photography Series, Part 1

Yes, I am at it again.  After a small (very small) success with my first ever summer garden, I have planted a lovely, little winter garden.


Not very ambitious, just some lettuces and one row of beets.


I do not like beets. Nope, do not like them at all. But both my mother and my daughter love them, so for them I planted beets. I will harvest them with love, cook them with love and serve them with love! And they better eat them. . . whether they love them or not!


Luckily we all love salad, so I planted Romaine, Bibb and Red Oak Leaf lettuce.  Though it appears that something has already been nibbling on my romaine.  Good thing I have Cece the garden watch cat!



No rabbits or gophers allowed!


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