Do you have a nagging food question and can’t find the answer? Please contact me at  cheryldlee [at] blackgirlchefswhites [dot] com




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  1. I planted some blue basil so that I can try your mojito recipe. I got my seeds from Although the seedlings are just getting started, I was really pleased with the germination rate. I ended up with five different varieties. I do love basil and hope that you’ll share some recipes with your fans! Cheers from Key Weird.

    Sheila Cullen

  2. I have made bacon in the past with a brine you had posted on your site. I am not finding it anywhere through my searches. Could you be so kind and send me that recipe? It was one of my favorite brines I’ve made and its time for more bacon.
    Thank you

  3. I’m glad the cake came out better this time Tami!

    As for the fast, I’m not able to put together a meal plan for you, but I did find a website with recipes and all sorts of information about the Daniel fast. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration from the website, and I bet if you Google around you’ll find even more resources to help you.

    Here is a blog that has recipes that fit the criteria of the fast too:

    Good luck on your fast and Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. Hi Cheryl, I tried the Chocolate cake w/ Ale again and it turned out great this time. I know this is truly last minute, but it hit me today is 29Dec12 and I am to start a Daniel fast on 1/1/13 (but I think I am moving it to 1/2/13 special circumstances). Do you or could you 🙂 put a grouping of recipes that can be used during the fast. This is my 3rd year and it is always tough trying to come up w/ things to eat that are fast tasty and inexpensive. This is a no meat, no sugar, no fats, no fried, no dairy and minimal process foods. I only know how to work w/ silk soy so many ways and if I have to look at another morning star burger regardless of how great they are, I am going to slip. Can you help. Also forgot to add, its a 21 day fast. Pray your Christmas was joyous and your New Year is blessed

  5. Ii have been following you on my Google RSS feed, and you disappeared today! Where can I find you now?

  6. Hi Cheryl,
    I want to compliment you on your scallion pancakes. This recipe reminds me of my childhood!! I wanted to make an authentic version for my family but didn’t have a good recipe. Thank you so much. Your recipe was a hit with my son…. he and I cooked them together.
    BTW, love the name of the website.
    Laura K.

  7. Just wanted to say I’ve tried several of your recipes and the results have been delicious. Really enjoy your cooking style and your blog.

    I hope your holiday is filled with peace and joy and none of the bah humbug stuff!

  8. CherylDLee,

    You shall be one of the reasons for which I give thanks this holiday. I have enjoyed your blog, your opinions and your recipes. A new foodie in my life! Thank you.

    All best wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Key West.

    Sheila Cullen

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