When Mother Nature Does Whatever The Hell She Wants

This is a lemon. Yep, a regular old lemon. Not some fancy, schmancy lemon. . . just a lemon.

As I was walking part my neighbors house I spotted this beautiful freak of nature on a tree loaded with normal, boring oblong lemons. Gorgeous in its misfit way, freakishly reaching towards me like a hand. I had to have it. (Yes, I asked before picking it. I’m a good neighbor, thank you!)

Every angle is different, every nook and cranny unique. Mother Nature doing her thing.

Cheryl D Lee on Foodista

9 thoughts on “When Mother Nature Does Whatever The Hell She Wants”

  1. It looks like this one wants to be more like the “Buddha’s hand fruit”. Some Chinese/Japanese people consider this a symbol of happiness, good luck and fortune.

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