Welcome to Black Girl Chef’s Whites

Not another food blog!  Well, stick with me and I hope to be able to share my experiences, recipes and witty observations on life in the kitchen.

I have been a  Le Cordon Bleu chef instructor, caterer, personal chef, food writer, food stylist, recipe developer and editor.  I’ve been a foodie since I was a kid.  I made my first scrambled egg breakfast when I was a hungry six year old, and my parents were still asleep.  And I haven’t looked back since.

Join me as I discover the latest food news, resurrect old recipes from my antique cookbooks, and share my knowledge of all things culinary (and hope you share your knowledge with me.)


  1. Lynne says

    Wow. I accidentally came across your site and didn’t realise you had only recently created it. I have to say your recipes are fantastic, and the photos wonderful.

  2. Karen says

    Love the blog (sent to me by a friend of yours). I’m definitely putting this into my Food Favorites. I’m looking forward to seeing vegetarian dishes. *crossing fingers* Best of luck to you! By the way, the French Toast Casserole looks magnificent.

  3. Robin says

    Well, hello there. Welcome to the blogosphere. Looks like you’re off to a great start. Glad to be the first to comment. Good luck.