Mother Nature Wins Again!

Once again, the old adage “God laughs when you make plans” (or something like that) holds true. My daughter Ruby and I traveled to Washington DC to visit with a preschool friend who’s family had relocated for a year for an incredible job opportunity. One of the parents, who are both economists, was offered a position on The White House Economic Advisory Committee, so they loaded up the truck and moved to Washington DC!

We flew out for a long weekend to do the public East Wing White House tour. But, because we now had the insider connection, we also got to go on a private West Wing Tour! Rather, I did. Ruby opted to stay and go to the Halloween block party which was right outside the house. She’s five, I don’t blame her!

Anyway, as I type this with one finger on my phone ( I love technology) I should have been on a flight home to my laptop with my photos of Potato Leek Soup, which was my next post. Hurricane Sandy changed all that.

All flights have been cancelled. We are in a state of emergency here in Washington DC. We ain’t going nowhere!

So, no new recipe for now. Ruby and I will ride out the dreaded Frankenstorm with friends. In fact, the girls couldn’t be happier to have more time together. Keep all of us here on the East coast in your thoughts and prayers.

I’ll be back with new recipes as soon as I can!


2 thoughts on “Mother Nature Wins Again!”

  1. Hey, we can wait for that anticipated post, just glad to get news about how everyone is doing. Take Ruby to Five Guys so they can say they have dined where the President did and go see any of the museums that are open…

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