Christmas Cookie Masterpieces!

Yes, they are masterpieces! Created by five and six year old artists in my daughter’s kindergarten class with nothing more than food coloring pens and crispy, Christmas shaped cookies made from the Master Cookie Dough.

This isn’t a new recipe using the master cookie dough. I just wanted to share these delightful creations that brought a smile to my face, and I hope they bring a smile to yours.

You will notice that some of the cookies are missing bits and pieces, such as angel without a wing or stars with only four points. That is because they were eaten. The cookies bake up very crisp, and as the children decorated them, they became a little over zealous and pressed down too hard, which would break the cookie. I told them if they broke off a piece they could eat it, and continue to decorate. But then, they breakage started to accelerate! Wait a minute. . . did these kids think I was born yesterday! They weren’t going to have any cookies left to decorate! I quickly put a stop to all the cookie breaking and eating, and the decorating continued smoothly, or as smoothly as it can with a bunch of five and six year old kids.
























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