Raw Spice Bar: Using Flavor to Take You Around The World

Raw Spice Bar: Persian Spices

This is a concept I wish I had thought of. Putting exotic spices into the hands of people who would normally not have the chance to try them. And give them a complete recipe to go with the spices so they understand how to use this spice. This is the genius idea that is RawSpiceBar.com

Some questions I am often asked are “What do I do with xx spice? Where can I find xx spice? Do you have a recipe using xx spice?”  RawSpiceBar takes all the questions out of the equation. You have the spice, you have the recipe, all you need to do is get the other components from the grocery store!

I am not being compensated for this post. I just think it is a great way to broaden the palates of everyday people everywhere. Lets face it, new spices are scary! You don’t want to waste food by making it taste terrible because you added too much or too little of a new spice.

If you know a person who loves to cook, you can give them a gift subscription to the Spice of the Month club at RawSpiceBar.com. And get one for yourself too.


Raw Spice Bar: Persian Spices

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