Mango Ginger Green Smoothie

Mango Ginger Green Smoothie | Black Girl Chef's Whites


Mother’s Day has just passed here in America. It was my first without my mother, and the void she left was felt. But it was also the first one that my daughter really understood. She made me a small bouquet of tissue paper flowers in a painted cardboard vase. They are the most beautiful flowers I have ever received. She drew a card with a heart tree on the front, wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day inside. I didn’t need or want anything else.

Which is good, since one of my sisters admitted she just forgot it was Mother’s Day. The other sister came over with a lovely card. . .and a pack of Mega Stuff Oreos. In a Walmart bag.

Oooo, I am SO spoiled!

Mega Stuff Oreo’s aside, I have actually started trying to get back on a healthier eating routine. When my mother passed away, people were kind enough to bring over lots of food. At times like that you really aren’t thinking about cooking dinner. Unfortunately you don’t always get the healthiest choices. (Shout out to Holland for bringing me salad, because she remembered dealing with the same thing when her mother passed.) You do get a lot of comfort food, which is just what your soul needs. Fried chicken, baked goods, macaroni and cheese. So many calories, so much comfort!

So here I am, 10 pounds heavier. And when you’re my age it goes on fast and easy, and comes off slowly, if at all! Dammit!

Part of my healthier eating routine now includes smoothies for breakfast. I am a bad breakfast eater, most often having coffee only until I stop long enough to realize I am hungry. And by then I am not just hungry, I am ravenous! Meaning I eat too much, or make bad choices. So to stop that cycle I am making smoothies.

I’m trying all sorts of combinations of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables. This one is a favorite because it is so refreshing, and packed with nutrients from the Superfoods kale and mango. To keep it light I use coconut water instead of juice or milk.


Mango Ginger Green Smoothie | Black Girl Chef's Whites


Recipe: Mango Ginger Green Smoothie


  • 1 ripe mango, peeled and diced or 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1 inch piece of ginger, peeled
  • 1 cup (packed) torn kale leaves
  • 1 cup coconut water


  1. In a blender puree all the ingredients until smooth.
  2. Serve immediately.

Preparation time: 6 minute(s)

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