Seedles in the Little Organic Garden

Package of Seedles

Thyme Bombs! Get it? T-I-M-E bombs?

Alright, I may be the only one who enjoys a good pun. Me and the people who make Seedles, a really cool and easy way to garden. Seedles are composed of little colorful balls of compost, seeds and clay. You just throw them down, water them and let nature do its thing. Actually, you can just throw them and grow them, as nature will provide the water when it rains. (unless, like me you live in California, where we are experiencing a record drought) The wildflower seeds are all native, non-GMO certified seeds.

But even more important, the mission of Seedles is as follows:


We aim to inspire kids to grow one billion wildflowers to bring back the bees and ensure a sustainable food system for their future.


Although I am writing about the Thyme Bombs, Seedles also sell Wildflower Seedles and California Poppy Seedles.

Cece in the Little Organic Garden

Occasionally I post about my little organic garden, usually through photographs. The picture above shows my garden today, and is a combination of a summer garden and winter garden. We’ll call it a transitional garden. There are collard greens, Tuscan kale, boysenberries, lemongrass, kabocha squash, arugula, cucumbers, tarragon, shishito peppers, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, sorrel, garlic chives and rosemary. Some plants grow really well. Some plants I kill.

I learn as I go. . . or grow, should I say.


In another planting bed where I grow a few herbs I have a large bare spot of dirt. At one time there were a couple of kinds of basil there, but I killed it. What better place for me to spread the Thyme Bombs?


I placed those little colorful balls on the dirt, amongst a bunch of oak leaves from my tree. I watered the area, and will wait and see what happens.

Within moments the Seedles had a new fan in the garden. And the roly poly liked them too.

Seedles with a Roly Poly Hitchhiker



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