Smoky Date Pulled Pork Packets

Smoky Date Pulled Pork Packets

  Pulled pork is generally thought of as something you put into a soft bun, sometimes topped with coleslaw. You get it from a BBQ joint.  Smoky Date Pulled Pork Packets might raise some eyebrows. It also will raise a lot of forks to mouths. Pulled pork tends to be slathered with BBQ sauce, but this […]

Caramelized Red Onion and Bacon Quiche

Caramelized Red Onion-Bacon Quiche Slice | Black Girl Chef's Whites

Now that my daughter is in kindergarten, there are a lot more things that I am expected to do as a parent. She has homework, she wears uniforms, she has to be at school at a certain time vs. rolling into the preschool yard whenever I am damn well felt like it. I also have […]

Tri-Color Potatoes, Japanese Eggplant and Fennel in Wine Sauce

Tri-Color Potatoes, Japanese Eggplant and Fennel in Wine Sauce

Sometimes vegetables get the short end of the stick. They are an after thought, if even thought of at all. Many vegetables are not familiar to people, so they will not buy them and cook them. I count eggplant and fennel among those. See those lovely Japanese eggplants in the photo above. I am proud […]

Middle Eastern Lamb Meatballs

lamb meatballs

Ground lamb, unlike ground beef, is not a meat that graces the American table as often as it should. Shepherds Pie is one of the few dishes that has ground lamb as an ingredient, but it is often substituted with ground beef or ground turkey. Lamb is a very popular meat in other areas of […]

Thanksgiving Recipes around the Internet

  The countdown in officially on! Only a few days until Thanksgiving, and not everyone knows what they are going to cook.  I will make a confession now. . .the only thing I have bought for Thanksgiving is the turkey. Yes, the culinary school educated chef has not gone shopping yet. My excuse is that […]