Last Minute 4th of July Recipe Ideas

Black Eyed Pea Salad | Black Girl Chef's Whites

Sometimes it takes a long time to get organized for a holiday weekend. A holiday weekend which is meant to be about relaxation and enjoyment, and is often anything but! What to cook, where to go, what to do, kid friendly or adults only. It makes me tired just typing the words. All you need are […]

Roasted Mushroom-Pepper Tacos

Roasted Mushroom-Pepper Tacos | Black Girl Chef's Whites

  Superfood. Have you heard that term before? Superfoods are foods low in calories and high in nutrients, with a variety of health benefits when included in your daily diet.   City of Hope has taken the superfood one step further. They are actively doing research on certain superfoods that are showing promise in fighting […]

Spring Flavor in The Foodie Recipes IPad App

Foodie Recipe App

Why look! It is I, the black girl (who only occasionally wears chef’s whites anymore. I’m quite taken with vintage aprons!)  And where exactly am I? In the new Spring Flavor edition of the Foodie Recipes iPad app, available in the iTunes store! Foodie is a great site to explore all kinds of recipes […]