Organic Meyer Lemon and Jalapeno Relish

Keep an eye on your pine nuts on the stove!

It seems like I have picked at least a hundred pounds of Meyer lemons off my trees, yet every time I look at them they are still loaded with fruit! I’m not complaining about it though.  I love these lemons, and their versatility.  Their scent is floral,  sweet and totally intoxicating.  Their taste is sublime.  […]

Mexican Spiced Oxtails

Shredded Oxtail Meat, Corn Tortillas and Avocado

The Superbowl is just around the corner, and recipes are starting to appear everywhere.  I am in the Featured Publisher program at Foodbuzz, and the “flavor” of the month is Superbowl, sponsored by Pace Picante Sauce.  My family are big Pace Picante fans, so much so that I buy the industrial size vat from Costco.  […]

Cookbooks I like for 2010, Part 1

Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen

I don’t make New Year resolutions.  Or rather my only resolution is to not make one.  But this year I did make myself a promise to try and post more on my blog. Being a single mom to a 3  year old, caregiver to an elderly parent and juggler extraordinaire I don’t blog as often […]