To-ma-to, To-Mah-To. . .

I thought I didn’t really like tomatoes, unless they were in a cooked form, such as marinara sauce. But it turns out I just don’t like mealy, off- season, tasteless supermarket tomatoes.

Once I began growing my own, I realized how incredibly good a tomato that you just picked from your garden tastes. A little olive oil, salt and pepper is all you need for a fabulous salad. Toss in some crusty bread and a good cheese, and you have a meal.

I finally bought my crop of tomato plants for this year, a mix of heirloom varietals. One I bought only for it’s name. . .

I couldn’t pass up a tomato with my daughter’s name in it, could I?

I think tomato plants have some of the most beautiful foliage. Something about their fragrance is pleasing to me also. So consider this post a personal indulgence.

Sometimes I have help in the garden. Sometimes they even bring me mice and lizards to show me how much they love me. I am such a lucky gal.

Here are a few recipes to try with your freshly picked tomatoes.

The BLT Salad – Bacon, Lentil and Tomato

Warm Caprese Salad

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

Cheryl D Lee on Foodista

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  1. augh! i have a pile of dirt in my garden. i just haven’t had the umph to get out there and dig and plant. i gotta get on it. you are right fresh tomatoes are divine!

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