Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style + Penne Frittata

Three Cheese Italian Style Sausage and Penne Frittata | Black Girl Chefs Whites     If you haven’t noticed yet, I love simple, fast and easy. Minimum prep time and ingredients but maximum flavor.  This Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style and Penne Frittata is all of the above. What really makes this dish though is the addition of a truly flavorful sausage. Johnsonville Sausages have always been on my shopping list, as I know the quality and flavor will be good no matter which product I buy. I am pleased to be working with Johnsonville to develop recipes for you using their Chicken Sausage varieties. Johnsonville Sausages are made with absolutely no fillers for a juicy and firm texture and bite, packed with real flavor. You are sure to find one you love because there are a bunch of delicious varieties, including Apple Chicken Sausage, Chicken Sausage Chipotle Monterey Jack Cheese, Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style, Chicken Sausage Cajun Style, to name a few!I used Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style to make this hearty frittata.  Mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses are mixed with premium chicken and spices to make this outstanding sausage. And what is more Italian than pasta? Nothing, of course, so this was an obvious addition to my recipe. A frittata is always a great choice for an easy meal, whether served for brunch or dinner. They are also perfect for easy entertaining. As long as you have eggs on hand, you can make a frittata. This recipe is fairly basic, but can be enhanced with more vegetables, including green peas, broccoli or zucchini. All of the flavor varieties of Johnsonville Split Rope Sausage or Chicken Sausage lend themselves to being used in a frittata.  Are you setting up a buffet for a party? Maybe a Mardi Gras party? (It is coming up, you know!) Make a few different frittatas using Johnsonville Sausage, then place them on the buffet with salad, assorted olives, a cheese platter and fresh fruit.  Offer your guests your beverages of choice and you have a fabulous party! With all the unique flavors, Johnsonville Sausages are the perfect Mardi Gras party food.   Three Cheese Italian Style Sausage and Penne Frittata | Black Girl Chefs Whites

Recipe: Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style and Penne Frittata


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/2 onion, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 red bell pepper, medium dice
  • 1 package Johnsonville Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style, sliced diagonally into 1/4” slices
  • 2 cups penne pasta, cooked and cooled
  • 10 large eggs
  • 2 teaspoons Creole seasoning
  • 1/2 cup shredded Parmesan cheese


  1. Heat the oven to 350° F.
  2. In a large oven proof skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat.
  3. Add the onion to the pan, stirring occasionally, cook until softened, about 4-5 minutes.
  4. Stir in the red bell pepper, cook an additional 2-3 minutes.
  5. Add the sausage and cooked penne pasta to the pan, stirring to mix well.
  6. Whisk the eggs and Creole seasoning together, then pour gently over the ingredients in the pan. Tilt the pan to make sure the egg is distributed evenly.
  7. Sprinkle the cheese over the top of the frittata.
  8. Bake the frittata in the oven for about 25 minutes, or until the eggs are set and the cheese is melted and slightly browned.

Preparation time: 15 minute(s) Cooking time: 40 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 8

Copyright © Cheryl D Lee.

Three Cheese Italian Style Sausage and Penne Frittata | Black Girl Chefs Whites

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  1. Sarah L says

    I’d like to try the Cajun Chicken Sausage Links. I’d make a slow cooker feast.
    Thanks for the contest.

  2. Heather S says

    The Chicken Sausage Italian Style with Cheese looks delicious! I would make a homemade baked mac n cheese with it 🙂

  3. Betty C says

    I’d like to try the Apple Chicken sausage. It would be good with sauerkraut or added to pasta alfredo. I can’t wait to try it.

  4. Thomas Murphy says

    I want to try the Apple Chicken Sausage Split Rope and I would make it with pasta.

  5. says

    The Apple Chicken Sausage Split Rope sounds delicious! We just talked about changing up some of our meals to include some sort of variety and this sounds just the ticket. My tummy is starting to rumble. LOL Your recipe looks great!

  6. Erica C. says

    I haven’t tried these before, but the apple chicken sausage sounds good. I have no idea yet what I’d make with it though!

  7. Ellie W says

    I would like to try the Andouille Sausage. I’d add it to a big pot of red beans and rice to give it a kick

  8. joni says

    I would choose the Three-Cheese Italian Style Sausage. I would make hot sausage with onions and peppers.

  9. Cw says

    He three cheese italian – would make some type of casserole with pasta and Tom sauce and ?

  10. Susan Chester says

    I would love to try the three cheese rope sausage. I would make a bean pot with it!

  11. Karin A. says

    I’d love to try the Polish Kielbasa Sausage and would like to make their zesty sausage and potato skillet dinner recipe.

  12. RICHARD HICKS says

    The smoked split rope is appealing to me. Would make a Chicken and Smoked Sausage Gumbo

  13. Wild Orchid says

    I would use the sweet italian sausage variety to make manicotti!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  14. Anastasia says

    The three cheese Italian appeals to me the most. I’d make some tasty sub sandwiches with them! Add some bell peppers, fried eggs… YUM 🙂

  15. Stephanie V. says

    Chicken Sausage Italian Style with Cheese and would make a lasagna or mac n cheese with it
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. Margot C says

    I buy the Andouille and make a pretty much classic jambalaya with it (I’m from New Orleans – but this is a short cut!). I love the look of your Frittata, I have never put pasta in one, now I will!

  17. Barbara M says

    I like the Apple Chicken sausage links and would add these to my white bean pasta dish – thank you.

  18. Cynthia C says

    I would like to try the Chorizo split rope sausage because my son thinks it’s really good and I’ve never tried it.

  19. Crystal F says

    I would like to try the Three Cheese Italian Style Split Rope sausage. I would dice it up and put it in omelets. Thank you!

  20. says

    Oh yum! Quick, easy and delicious! Chicken Sausage Three Cheese Italian Style is calling my name — for breakfast — over potatoes with an egg on top!

  21. says

    This looks delicious! I would like to try the chorizo in a breakfast burrito! Thanks for sharing your recipe and the fun giveaway!

  22. Starr Greenwell says

    The Chicken Italian with 3 cheese sounds absolutely yummy to me. Thanks for the great recipe.

  23. Jimmy says

    I would like to try the Polish Kielbasa Split Rope. I don’t think I would make anything with it. I would just eat the sausage by itself.

  24. Margaret Smith says

    I’d like to try the Three Cheese Italian Style Split Rope and I’d make sausage, pepper and onion sandwich with it.
    Thanks so much.

  25. Natalie says

    I would love to try the apple chicken sausage split rope because it looks the healthiest!

  26. Kelly D says

    The Italian Style with Cheese Chicken Sausage appeals to me and I would make a sausage, peppers and onion sub.

  27. Danielle says

    The Apple Chicken Sausage Split Rope appeals to me the most and I’d grill it along with veggies and then make a stir fry dish.

  28. Tiffany Harkleroad says

    The chicken sausage is amazing, I have used it to make breakfast casseroles!

  29. Mary S says

    The three cheese Italian Sausage, and I would love it in a sausage, peppers and onions in a nice a crusty fresh made Italian roll. Just thinking about it is making me hungry

  30. Madeline says

    I’d love to try the Apple Chicken Sausage since I love sweeter fare and prefer lower-fat meats.

  31. tina m says

    I would use the chicken, cheese sausage and cook it in my fried potatoes, onions and green peppers. I am getting hungry just typing this… Have a good day and thanks for the opportunity.

  32. heather says

    I really want to try the chicken sausage cajun style and I would make hot sub sandwiches with it and include grilled sweet onion and bell and red peppers.

  33. rachel says

    I’d try the smoked sausage and make a pierogi and sausage dish. Hearty and perfect for our winter weather here.

  34. Jessie C. says

    ANDOUILLE SAUSAGE sounds good to me, I would make Sausage Chips and Honey Mustard Dip with it.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  35. ELIZA ELLIOT says

    I’d like to try the andouille sausage…looks yummy and a fun twist to a few recipes I already have.

  36. Whitney Lindeman says

    Oh my gosh, this recipe sounds delicious! I might have to make this with gluten-free pasta, like, tonight! 🙂 I love Johnsonville’s smoked sausage, but would like to try some of the others, too.

  37. Krissie says

    The Chicken Sausage Cajun Style sounds the best to me. I like Cajun and Andouille sausage, but the chicken sounds healthier. I would make Cajun Chicken and Sausage Cassoulet with it.
    CalifKitties {at} Aol {dot} com

  38. Pam @ MyNewlywedCookingAdventures says

    This recipe looks very yummy! I’d love to try the Cajun style in jambalaya!

  39. Clyde Johnson says

    First choice is Andouille, which we use in both jambalaya & for a Gullah Low Country Boil.

    We also use the Kielbasa in a crock[pot with sauerkraut, apples, and onions.

  40. says

    They all sound delicious. I wanted to try their Andouille Sausage cos I want to make some Jambalaya. Can’t wait! 🙂

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  41. amber says

    the three cheese Italian style sounds really good, I’d add it to pasta sauce instead of ground beef for spaghetti

  42. Sheridan says

    I’d like to try an appetizer with the chicken Monterrey jack sausage. A wonton cup filled with the sausage, some cooked onion, a little added cheese and maybe a lime sour cream sauce drizzled on top.

  43. DESIREE H says

    The smoked sausage sounds great. I would mix it with rice, peppers, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper and hot sauce.
    Faithrains2387 (At)