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The countdown in officially on! Only a few days until Thanksgiving, and not everyone knows what they are going to cook.  I will make a confession now. . .the only thing I have bought for Thanksgiving is the turkey. Yes, the culinary school educated chef has not gone shopping yet. My excuse is that I have been sick for three weeks now, and finally broke down and went to the doctor for some medication.  But, sometimes I just wait until the last minute to do things. Procrastinators rule!

In case you are still looking for inspiration, here are some links to a wide range of recipes to make for your Thanksgiving table.

This week the Los Angeles Times Food Section featured the Food Blogger Thanksgiving I attended.  The story, by Rene Lynch, includes links to all the fabulous food we shared that day. Be sure to click through the pictures to see yours truly proudly holding up my Spiced Roasted Winter Vegetables! My sister said I look smug in the picture. Siblings. . . hmph!

Don’t like turkey? How about trying a little something with a seriously Latina flair? Bren over at Flanboyant Eats whipped up a Citrus Mojo and Sage Infused Cornish Hen that is going into my recipe files to try very soon!

Side dishes have you stumped? Chef and Steward, a Jamaican husband and wife who call Dubai their home now, made an Apple and Roasted Beet Salad that would be a colorful and tasty addition to your table. A classic that never goes out of style is Cornbread, Sausage and Pecan Stuffing from Bree over at Baked Bree. If my sister wasn’t vegetarian I would always have some kind of sausage in my stuffing. Sanura, whose blog is My Life Runs on Food, also writes for  Frugivore Magazine.  She posted a delicious and healthy  Orange Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Hazelnuts, lots of flavor without a lot of fat.

Are you vegetarian and tired of those scary Tofurkys? Madelyn over at Karma Free Cooking compiled some of her Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes, including Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese and Pumpkin Risotto. If my sister hadn’t said I looked smug in my Los Angeles Times picture, I might have cooked her a few of these recipes. Ha!

And last but not least, this cake from Kelly at Evil Shenanigans has me drooling! Sweet Potato Pecan Coconut Cake. Just typing the words makes me want a slice! A nice change from sweet potato and pumpkin pie, no?

Whatever you eat, even if you go to a restaurant, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. hey!!!!! thanks a lot for the shout out!!!! and I hope you can cook some of those vegetarian recipes to your sister some day after all. I know she’ll apreciate it and enjoy them. Thanks!!!

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