Gumbo Step-by-Step Tutorial

Gumbo is not just a dish to serve for Sunday dinner, or to guests on special occasions. Gumbo is a tradition. Gumbo recipes are passed generation to generation in families from Louisiana. Just as Kentucky has its Burgoo and Georgia its Brunswick stew, gumbo is all about the melting pot that is Louisiana. On the […]

Slow Cooker Thai Green Curry

This is a big bowl of comfort. There are few things better than a stew of some sort, dense with vegetables and meat, warming you from the inside out. Although stews are considered winter fare, I enjoy them year round. Especially when made in the slow cooker, because it does not make my kitchen hot […]

Italian Bean and Grains Stew

The temperatures have finally come down from triple digits here in southern California, and it is soup and stew time! I recently wrote a guest post for the fine people over at Bob’s Red Mill, who make some of my favorite products. I have been a long time fan of their packaged mixed beans and […]