The Black Girl’s Top 10 Recipes of 2013

Looking back at this tumultuous year I have had, I was not surprised that I honestly could not remember a lot of the recipes I developed and published. I have been living day to day, not looking back nor too far forward. Just making sure my child is taken care of, the pets are taken care of. And finally, after more years than I can count, making sure I am taken care of.

I am going to book a massage for myself soon. I re-committed to healthier eating by actually attending my Weight Watchers meetings. I’m moving my body more, and plan to up my activity even more. But these are not New Years resolutions, just things I will do. I don’t believe in resolutions, because once someone breaks it they tend to abandon it. If you do it day by day, tomorrow is just another day if you mess up. You fall, you get up and keep going.

I went through my archive of recipes to revisit and remember this past year.  These 10 recipes were ones I really enjoyed making or eating. Ones I shared with friends and neighbors. Sometimes they were recipes of remembrance and loss.  But they are all delicious recipes.


Lemon Glazed Pound Cake | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Lemon Glazed Pound Cake


Strawberry Nachos


Strawberry Nachos


Catfish Po'BoyTaco Wrap | Black Girl Chef's Whites


Catfish Po-Boy Taco Wrap


Breakfast Potato Skins



Breakfast Potato Skins



Chorizo Stuffed Shrimp | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Chorizo Stuffed Shrimp


Avocado, Mandarin Orange and Jicama Salad with Key Lime Dressing | Black Girl Chef's Whites


Avocado, Mandarin Orange and Jicama Salad with Key Lime Dressing


Blue Spice Basil and Key Lime Mojito | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Blue Spice Basil and Key Lime Mojito


Roasted Mushroom-Pepper Tacos | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Roasted Mushroom-Pepper Tacos


Sweet Chile Sauce | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Homemade Thai Sweet Chile Sauce


Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bars | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Meyer Lemon-Rosemary Bars



Meyer Lemon-Rosemary Bars

Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bars | Black Girl Chef's Whites



I think of these as adult cookies. Not that children will not like them, but the flavor is one to have with a cup of coffee or tea, not Kool-Aid. Meyer Lemon-Rosemary Bars are citrusy, floral and herbal, buttery rich and sweet cookies.

Once again, I begin with Master Cookie Dough, that ultra versatile butter cookie that seems to lend itself to so many variations. Cinnamon sugar, Nutella, coconut and chocolate, peppermint. It truly is the one cookie dough to have handy in the freezer should you need to whip up a couple dozen cookies on the fly.



Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bars | Black Girl Chef's Whites



Recipe: Meyer Lemon-Rosemary Bars


  • 2 cups Master Cookie Dough
  • 1 teaspoon fine Meyer lemon zest (preferably with a microplane zester)
  • 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves


  1. Heat the oven to 350° F. Line a 9 X 9 inch pan with parchment paper, leaving the edges long so they can be used to pick up the baked bar.
  2. In a small bowl, using clean hands knead the lemon zest and rosemary into the cookie dough.
  3. Press the cookie dough evenly into the bottom of the baking pan.
  4. Bake the cookie bar for 13 – 15 minutes, until baked through and light golden brown on top.
  5. Grasping the parchment, carefully lift the bar out of the pan and place onto a cooling rack.
  6. Let the cookie bar cool completely.
  7. When cooled, remove the parchment and trim the edges from the bar.
  8. Cut the bar in into 1 inch strips, then cut each strip in half, forming a rectangular bar.

Preparation time: 10 minute(s)

Cooking time: 15 minute(s)

Copyright © Cheryl D Lee.

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Meyer Lemon Rosemary Bars | Black Girl Chef's Whites