Healthy Salads to Start 2015 Off Right

What was your New Year’s resolution this year? To stop drinking, to lose weight or maybe to remember to fill the bird feeder. My resolution is the same every year. My resolution is to not make a resolution. Which is contradictory. . . oh well. But if you are one of the resolution making population, […]

Arroz Salad with Carnitas and Salsa Verde Vinaigrette

  Do you know someone who does everything from scratch, never using any kind of pre-packaged food item or ingredient?  Well, that is so not me! I do not care if I am a trained chef, there are just times when I either; Have no time. Have to get my kid somewhere across town in […]

The BCLT – Bacon Cheese, Lettuce and Roasted Tomatoes

  Here I go again, making up new names for the recipes I develop. The BCLT. Wait, what? Bacon cheese (YES! Cheese.With.Bacon!) lettuce and tomatoes, slow roasted to tender juiciness. Hence The BCLT Salad moniker. Everyone (except vegans and vegetarians) knows and loves a BLT Sandwich, so why not? While shopping at my local market, I […]

Tri-Color Quinoa Salad

Have you tried quinoa yet? If you haven’t, this is the recipe for you.  Quinoa (pronounced “keen-wa”) is an ancient grain from the Peruvian Andes region. Technically, quinoa is a seed, not a grain, but is commonly referred to as a grain. Quinoa is very high in protein, making it an excellent choice for vegetarians […]

Lentils and Crunchy Greens with Sour Cream-Tarragon Dressing

The name of this salad does not exactly roll off your tongue, but I gaurantee that you will want to keep putting forkfuls onto your tongue! I like making lentil salads, like my BLT Salad and Lentil and Chevre Salad with Thyme Roasted Tomatoes. Lentils are such a great low fat source of good protein, […]