Avocado Love

Summertime is Avocado Love time! Avocado season is in full swing here in California, where the BEST avocados in the world are grown. I may be a little biased of course, having grown up in California and having access to backyard avocado trees. We ate avocados before they became the fashionable culinary powerhouse that they […]

Last Minute 4th of July Recipe Ideas

Sometimes it takes a long time to get organized for a holiday weekend. A holiday weekend which is meant to be about relaxation and enjoyment, and is often anything but! What to cook, where to go, what to do, kid friendly or adults only. It makes me tired just typing the words. All you need are […]

Avocado and Potato Salad with Hatch Chile Vinaigrette

    That bowl pictured above holds so much I hold dear to my heart. Potatoes and avocados. Two of my favorite foods, now joined in a union of flavor, bound forever by a zesty hatch chile vinaigrette. Yes, I wax poetic about a salad, but I stand firmly in the belief that food should […]