Summer Vegetable Garden Photography Series, Part 2

My little garden is doing fairly well, much to my surprise. So far I have actually managed to harvest cucumbers, seen teeny zucchini trying to grow, and have vines loaded with pretty flowers that I hope will grow into honeydew melons and water melons.


I’m not sure I will actually get any zucchini, but am keeping hope alive. I didn’t know you can’t water the leaves or they mildew and die, but NOW I know. Now I know. . .


Summer is almost over, and the temperatures will begin to cool. My melons may not have a chance to mature, but since this is Southern California I have at least another 6 weeks of good weather.

Next up, I will try my hand at lettuces and winter squashes.  This time, I think I will learn a little more about how to grow and care for my veggie garden. And I plan to expand it. Wish me luck. I won’t even pretend I won’t need it!