The Best Thing I Ever Did

Four years ago today my life changed dramatically.  That’s 3 minute old Ruby pictured above, just a little something I cooked up! And life has never been the same. . .

How did she go from this. . .

to this. . .

to this in the blink of an eye?

Next thing I know she is standing (in her grandmother’s shoes, no less,)

eating her first ice cream cone and. . .

enjoying it so much she wants one every time we go somewhere. Anywhere!

Will she become a chef like her mama?

Or will she become a model, since she sure loves to get in my pictures when I am trying to shoot food!

Whatever she does and whoever she becomes, I know she is the best thing I ever did!

Happy 4th Birthday Ruby!

10 thoughts on “The Best Thing I Ever Did”

  1. You’re daughter is beautiful 🙂 I stumbled on your site while looking for a pastrami recipe… have some amazing recipes…can’t wait to try so many! I was once also a Black Girl in Chef’s Whites literally….I graduated from Cuninary School a few years ago …..Anyway love your site…thanks for sharing your fantastic recipes 🙂

    Jeannette M

  2. Happy birthday, Ruby! Having children does ‘alter’ your life a bit….TOTALLY! From what i can see, you are doing a great job. Keep it up! Cheers.

  3. Wow, has it been 4 years already??? She is adorable and I love how life has changed over those 4 years for both of you. Happiest of birthdays to beautiful Rubydoo!

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