Roasted Garnet Yam and Bacon Frittata

Roasted Garnet Yam and Bacon Frittata | Black Girl Chef's Whites

We are now past the halfway point in our month of eating #unprocessed, and for me it has made a difference. I have lost a lot of bloating, adding up to about 8 pounds! I have not made huge changes, just made more thoughtful choices. I’ll eat a piece of fruit as a snack instead of some random junk food found in the house or picked up on the run. No, I have not stuck strictly to eating only unprocessed foods, but I did the best I could and will continue to eat as unprocessed as I can.

I recently wrote a guest post for the blog Eating Rules for October Unprocessed,  which includes a simply lovely recipe for a frittata with the rather unorthodox combination of yams and bacon! It is absolutely amazing: a little sweet, a little smoky, with a tiny kick of heat from chile pepper. And I have to thank Andrew of Eating Rules for letting me sneak a bit of bacon into my post, because you all know how much I love my pork! I was trying to come up with a vegetarian recipe, but that bacon just did not want to be left on the sidelines!

Head over to Eating Rules for the post and recipe for #unprocessed Roasted Garnet Yam and Bacon Frittata.

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  1. Good for you. I know the hardest part is the first two weeks. Then, it becomes easiesr. And when you’re thinking you’re at the end… may continue on. After all, who wants to go back to feeling awful, bloated, etc. now try dropping wheat/gluten, and you may feel even better!

  2. Yum! Mini frittatas (puffed or flat) are my latest go-to breakfast items, quick to make and easy to reheat. I love the versatility of omelets and frittatas and can’t wait to try roasted yam chunks in the next one.

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