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Are you a canner and preserver? I’m neither, but I aspire to be one day.

I recently shared my secret desire to be a canner over at Zester Daily, an online food, wine and travel magazine where I am a contributor. What is Zester Daily, you ask? I couldn’t explain it any better than Corie Brown, a founder and general manager at Zester:


Zester Daily is an award-winning online destination for food, wine and travel enthusiasts eager to discover what’s new and delicious in the world.  Our mission is to promote spirited, intelligent dialogue about what we eat and drink — a critical step toward establishing a more healthful, environmentally sustainable and just food culture.

The expertise of our globe-trotting contributors distinguishes the in-depth, well-edited stories and videos on Zester Daily.  With breaking news, compelling features, unique recipes, cartoons, and provocative opinion pieces written by a broad spectrum of authors, chefs, and food world leaders, Zester Daily is the smart place to expand your culinary horizons.


I invite you to explore the stories over at Zester Daily, as well as get my recipe for quick pickles, which I wrote about in the article “Fear of Canning? Try a Quick Pickle Recipe.”


Quick Refrigerator Pickles | Black Girl Chef's Whites

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