Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life

Not Ketchup Holiday Gift



It’s that time of year, the air is filled with holiday cheer! Your wallet is filled with receipts for all the useless presents you have bought!  If you have a food lover in your life, look no further than this list of gifts, and all under $100.00!

Check out that fabulous Hostess Gift Set from Not Ketchup gourmet dipping sauces, where you learn to Dip Differently!

For these and many other gifts head over to my page!

2 thoughts on “Gifts for the Food Lover in Your Life”

  1. I would be honored for you to use my bio and recipes in your class. Please let me know how the little chef’s enjoy cooking and learning about good food. And good luck to you on your endeavor!

  2. Hello Chef Cheryl, I absolutely will be following you forever on! I discovered you from a comment you posted on Tori Avey’s Twitter page. She was paying tribute to Rosa Parks. I started a small cooking program for kids after school in 2006. This year I want to really push it out to the child care centers who serve school age children. One of my projects is to deliver a recipe and some of the dry ingredients to a school or center along with a coupon for 1 complimentary 60 minute class. You have to do what you’ve never done to get what you’ve never had. I want to capture more than the taste buds of the students. I want to capture their interest in all of the facets of Culinary Arts. A lot of children in the U.S. do not read at the correct grade level. Much of what happens in families centers around the table. When I grew up I remember doing my homework and a lot of reading at the table. I want to inspire the children to pursue cooking as a viable option for a career path and a way to get them eating and learning to prepare healthier foods. I wanted your permission to use your bio and a recipe or two in my class during their reading exploration time. The children named our program The Smarty Pants Chefs, because they have to incorporate what they learn in the school day with what they do in the kitchen. Our tagline is, “Our Recipe Is Lot’s Of Love And Loads Of Fun!” And that’s exactly what we do. If you agree to be a part of a lesson plan I would be so honored and I know the kids would be excited!

    Donna Rheaves, Founder/Co-owner
    The Smarty Pants Chefs

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