Breakfast in a Chocolate Bar?

Mo's Bacon Bar
Mo's Bacon Bar

What? Breakfast in a chocolate bar?  Well, that may be a stretch to call it that, but Mo’s Bacon Bar from Vosges Haut Chocolat does indeed have bacon in it.  Bacon and chocolate?  I can hear some of you going Ewwwwww!  But don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Remember when you were a kid (OK, I still do it) and you would dip your bacon in your pancake syrup? And remember how much you loved that sweet and salty combination?  Well, consider this a variation on that theme.  Many cultures believe a balance of flavors, such as hot and sweet, salty and sweet, or hot and sour are essential to each dish.

I stumbled upon it as I was shopping at Surfas restaurant supply and gourmet food shop in Los Angeles.  I had heard rumors of a bacon and chocolate bar but had not happened upon one yet.  I stood looking at all the different flavors of gourmet chocolate bars that were for sale, and then I saw it – Mo’s Bacon Bar.  My heart skipped a beat, my mouth began to water, and I practically pushed some other shoppers out of the way to grab a bar. (They were taking too dang long to decide anyway…loiterers, hmmmph!)  I read the front of the package – applewood smoked bacon, alderwood smoked salt and deep milk chocolate.  Deep milk chocolate, mmmmm.  Not your old Hershey bar, oh no.  45% cacao was perfect for me.  I don’t like dark chocolate as much, because the one taste that I don’t like a lot of is bitter.  So I tend to stick with milk chocolate, but this was like milk chocolate +.

I turned over the package and there was a picture of a beautiful young woman.  She looked a lot like a young Geena Davis, circa Thelma and Louise.  But it was her words that spoke to me.  She did the same thing that I (and every other kid) did, bacon and pancake syrup.  But there was another twist; she liked chocolate chip pancakes.  And in a six year old girl’s mind a combination made in heaven began emerging.  Smart girl, this one.

You would think I would have ripped into the package in the checkout line, but I have some restraint.  Not a lot, but some.  My plan was to savor it after dinner.  But then it came time to enjoy the chocolate, and I just looked at the package, turning it over, smelling it, marveling at the thought of two of my favorite foods together.  And I put it back in my drawer.  What?!  And the next night I did the same.  I think I needed to be fully engaged and ready to enjoy this marvel of a chocolate bar. I was waiting for the exact right time.

But once I did open it, it was like the angels began to sing the Hallelujah Chorus.  Yeah, I’m a bit dramatic at times, but someone has to do it.  Anyway, that first bite was a revelation of a world I had never been too.  Smoky bacon, sweet but not too sweet chocolate, and then the petite crunch of the salt crystal. Oh My Goodness!  I was taken to a place I had never been, a taste sensation I had never known.  I was hooked like a crackhead in a back alley! I have never eaten a chocolate bar so slowly.  I even made it last for two days, because I did not want it to ever end.  It was like the first kiss, the first time you realize you are in love, a time you will always remember.  I can still taste it while I write this.

Yes, all that in a chocolate bar.  Who knew?

Now I have to drive back across town to buy more.  Many, many more.  Or you can buy them online at the Vosges Haut Chocolat website.

4 thoughts on “Breakfast in a Chocolate Bar?”

  1. I’m now having an incredible craving for this chocolate bar. I’m pretty sure there’s not one at the local Quik Trip, either.

  2. Wow!!

    You sure are off to a great start with your blog. Both your talent and passion are obvious in your writing.

    I need to have some of those pork chops, followed by the bananas foster ice cream.

    But first I MUST find one of those chocolate bars.


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