A Guest Blog Post and Recipe for White Sangria


I’ve been a busy bee lately. The reality of everyday life when you a single mother and caregiver to an elderly adult can be overwhelming.  Sometimes finding the time to sit down and write a blog post is nearly impossible.

But I soldier on for you dear readers, all for you! (stop laughing, I’m being serious and dramatic over here!)

Anyhoo, I recently did a guest post on a great mommy blog and podcast called Get Mommy a Drink.The preschooler wanted to have a tea party, so I used the opportunity to invite some mom friends over for an “adult” tea party too. I made a refreshing and simple white sangria to go with my Lentil Salad, fresh fruit and homemade sugar cookies.

To read more about the Tea Party and to find the recipe for the white sangria, click here.