Spring Flavor in The Foodie Recipes IPad App

Foodie Recipe App

Why look! It is I, the black girl (who only occasionally wears chef’s whites anymore. I’m quite taken with vintage aprons!)  And where exactly am I? In the new Spring Flavor edition of the Foodie.com Foodie Recipes iPad app, available in the iTunes store! Foodie is a great site to explore all kinds of recipes from a variety of sources.


The Foodie Recipes iPad app comprises the best recipes from food bloggers and culinary professionals around the world. This month, we’ve chosen 40 quintessential spring recipes, highlighting ingredients local to our influential and passionate Foodie community. With over 40,000 downloads, we’ve regularly been Featured in the iTunes App Store, as well as places like Mashable, USA Today, and Consumer Reports.


And the Foodie Recipe App means you can take some of those recipes with you on your iPad. I have quite a few cookbooks and Apps on my iPad, because it is so easy to use in the kitchen. I found an old art easel to prop it up, and away I go! Although, I don’t recommend placing it near you sink or stove. Just sayin’. . .

Try it out, its free. And you’ll find that you got away with a steal once you install it.


3 thoughts on “Spring Flavor in The Foodie Recipes IPad App”

  1. Cool–how fun is that?
    My spouse will be leaving his iPad at home when he takes off next month, and I’m going to be very tempted to start using it . . . but I will bear in mind your stove/sink advice.


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